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...KI Produkte und Services für Ihr Unternehmen. 
...AI products and services for your company.
...des produits et services basés sur l'IA pour votre entreprise.

Focussed on SMEs

A busines model with the specific needs of SMEs in mind.

Ethically responsible

Artificial intelligence brings enormous chances, but also risks. We apply the principles of ethical AI to our developments.

Fair and honest

Our business modell respects the interests of our customers: Owenership and control over your data.

We are workling closely together with NeuralRays AI Ltd.

NeuralRays AI Ltd. is a London, UK, and Chennai, India, based company, focussing of ethical AI solutions. With a team of roughtly 80 experts in the field of AI and digitaliztion, NeuralRays AI Ltd. brings profound experience and know-how into our partnership.

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Our Products & Services

NeuralRays AI Europe is offering a steadily growing portfolio, which is specifically targeted towards mid-size companies. These products will be adjusted to your companie’s specific needs. Please contact us!

AI Vision – Innovative Platform for Image and Video analytics

AI Vision is an AI based, digital image and video analytics tool, which can be trained to a multitude of features and which provides a large number of application opportunities in the production environment.

Consulting: Digitalization, AI and Innovation

How can modern technologies deliver and increased value to processes and products? We ask this question on a daily basis in our use-case development and we can also answer this question with you, on-site for your company.

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